10 Things We Forget in the Competitive Rush of Life (But Should Always Remember)

Life – sometimes it runs us over and sometimes, we run it, or so we feel. The rush of life teaches us all many lessons, from our relevant perspectives. Some we understand, some we forget and some we just refuse outright.

10 life lessons to remember

I’ve realized over the course of my 28 year life, that some life lessons are evergreen and apply to us all, maybe even making life a bit easy for us, more accepting. Here they are:

1.Time Flies

Good times, bad times, stagnant phases, nothing ever stays the same and change is inevitable. It may be longer than sooner but if you always remember this, it will make the tough days pass easily and allow you to cherish the good ones.

2.No One Loves you More Than your Parents

You will find good people as you move on in life and find love in other relationships, but your parents are your first and foremost pillar of strength. No one will care for you as much as them. No one can love you as much as them and surely no one in this big wide world can want the best for you, MORE THAN THEM. So love them back and respect them. It will open doors for you, you might not even know about.

3.Education and Hard Work Never Go Wasted

Everything teaches you something. Your educational degree that you earned after so many pains, made you the person you are today. My friend often used to say, it’s not the end but the process that matters and I really agree with it. So respect your alma matter, no matter what and know that all the hard work that you put in your degree and later on in life, it will always benefit you in some way or the other.

4.Experience is Invaluable

Unless you do it yourself, with your own two hands, you will not learn. Someone else telling you how it’s done is nothing compared to your experience of doing it. Getting your hands dirty is going to really pay off in the long run, so never ever devalue experience. Don’t run after shortcuts and don’t rely on what others tell you. Experience it for yourself. Make your own reality and decisions, based on your choices.

5.The Good you Do Stays with you

If you think, it doesn’t matter to do good to people who have wronged you or those you don’t really know, remember that your good remains with you. When you do good to someone without expecting anything in return, God will pay it back in the most amazing ways. So be nice and do good to others whenever you can.

6.Patience Pays Off

How you react to situations really shapes your future. Sometimes in certain circumstances, when nothing is working out, the best thing to do is wait, and have firm faith in God.

7.Gratitude is the Best Attitude

Incorporate gratitude in your life. Be thankful for everything that is right and then you will see how everything wrong gets fixed!

8.Positive Mindset Leads to a Positive Life

Our mindset is everything. Always remember this no matter what. If you think you can do it, or go through it, overcome it, YOU CAN! There’s no need to listen to what others tell you, as long you believe it, it can happen!

9.Small Things ARE Actually the Big Things

Most often we run after the big things and in the process, forget to enjoy the little things. Small things matter and they make a big difference so always learn to find happiness in small things; you’ll feel more joyful when arriving at the big ones.

10.Self Love is Very Important

You are important. You matter. You come first. We often burn ourselves down for others, which is not healthy. Keep your mind healthy and focus on physical health too, in order to keep going. Take little breaks whenever needed to stay fresh.


11.Money is Not Everything, Just Something

Money, money, money, yes it is needed to pay for utilities,necessities and the luxuries but in this run for money, don’t forget that money isn’t everything, it’s just something. Our relationships, (family and friends) are more valuable than money and sometimes it’s okay to take a step back and re-analyze your actions. Take a break even!

Are there any other life lessons you’d like to add or any other thoughts you have? Please do comment below!

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