DIY: Jewelry Showpiece

If you may know, or may not know, (in which case I should mention it here), I am a big jewelry freak. I mean who isn’t, eh?I believe everyone has their own unique tastes and styles. It’s very hard for me to move from someplace where I have spotted nice (read : unique) jewelry. I mean I just end up blowing my money on rings and bracelets mostly. Once I spot a nice piece I really don’t bother about the cost much or think that I’ll find it cheaper elsewhere. Who has the time to go cheap jewelry hunting these days!

Anyways, so my jewelry obsession got me thinking of ways to display it nicely in my room and I ended up making a fun/creative do-it-yourself which I believe you can also benefit from, and also enjoy doing with your girls (for moms) -or if you’re a teenager you can do it on your own too.

DIY Jewelry project

Basic supplies:

  • Small flower pot
  • Tree branch (small)
  • Paints and paint brushes
  • Small stones
DIY home decor
DIY Jewelry Showpiece


  1. Paint your pot and the tree branch in any fun way that you would like. Initially I decided to keep the branch in its natural color but I felt it looked better painted.
  2. You can really play around with colors if you’re painting a small flower pot, I had one at home so I used it. Just made it all the more fun thinking of contrasts and designs. I ended up making this pattern using washi tape ( you can use paper tape too).
  3. Once the paint has dried, fill half the pot with small stones (you will easily get them from any nursery) then place your tree branch and put the remaining stones till the top ensuring that your branch is fixed in place.
  4. Tadaaaaa! (Need I say more? *eye roll*)
DIY Jewelry showpiece

I’m actually using this for my rings and earrings (that I wear at home). You can also make it as a centerpiece for a room and add little décor items to it, hanging on the branches like those small bird cages and then place a candle inside! Omg! What an idea that just came to my mind. You can really do many variations of this. Ima gonna go try that too and let me know if you enjoy this!

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