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Book Review : Reclaim Your Heart

How many of us feel lost at some point in our life?

We love life when all is going well, or shall I say how we expect things to go but what happens when things don’t really go our way or we are faced with unexpected hurdles. We start questioning everything and lose hope, when in reality that shouldn’t be a believer’s attitude.

We think the good that comes to us is because of our doing (our hard work and focus) and the bad is God sent. Why would God want something bad for us? Why would he want us to fail? We question our existence on this earth and we question the stones in our path. We become dejected and depressed many a times in our life and fail to find answers.

In “Reclaim your Heart”, writer and scholar, Yasmin Mogahed, beautifully pens down the answers to these questions and all others. She sheds light on the attitude of a believer and why He is here on this earth. She tries to tell us the reason of our existence and through beautiful analogies explains the reality of this world, this duniya. She explains why we feel so hurt when we do and how we can lift ourselves from our state of sadness.

In many places in the Quran, God makes promises to His believers, tells them to be patient in times of distress, stay firm on their faith and reminds them of the reality of this life. The fact is that we tend to forget. If we remain attached to the book of God, I guarantee you that you will be reminded of His promises to us and of the reality of this world but in our busy lives we find not the time for it. It is the reality of today’s times. However, we must strive for better in our capacity.

I have read “Reclaim your Heart” once before and this Ramzan I am reading it again because it serves as such a great reminder of the truth. To me this book really helps uplift the sad/confused mood. If you haven’t read it yet, please do give a read and if you have let me know how you found it!

It has short chapters with easy to read text that is understandable and wherever applicable there are Quranic references for reference and guidance.

God bless!

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