Fun Tree Branch DIY

If it were up to me, a lot of nature like tree branches and logs would be in my home. I mean just look at how beautiful nature is and having something like that in home and that too functional or as decoration just makes me so happy. You can make so many things from fallen pieces of wood and tree branches.

Fun DIY tree branch decor
Tree Branch decor from 2017

So back in 2017 when I found a fallen tree branch I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I brought it in, painted it and put some fairy lights on it. It became a nice decoration piece for my room corner that was pretty bare before then. I could even use it to hang scarves or bracelets as you can see in the picture above. he he. After a while that branch graduated to our lounge during wedding festivities and the lights really just brought joy to another wise sober room.

This Eid, I decided it needs a makeover. I mean I loved the lights on it but i wanted something different now. So here is what i came up with:

Fun DIY tree branch decoration
Remped tree branch with added decor

There are many many ideas when it comes to decorating your tree branch. You can leave it bare also. Tie ribbons and let them hang down. Just play around with different colors and ideas till you get what you wanted. Here’s my tree decor inspiration for you:

Fun DIY tree branch decor closeup
Close up of the decor

I bought all my supplies (rattan balls or yarn balls, cages) from Anarkali Crafting, an online store and the transaction was seamless I must say. You can even make the yarn balls yourself and there are many tutorials for it online but i didn’t have the time for it right now so I just ordered it away.

To add some contrast and color to the tree with red i used blue yarn that i already had at home and wrapped it around in places.

Hang in your decorations and viola! you have yourself a fun, colorful, tree branch DIY that can really light up the room and doesn’t even cost much.

What happened to those lights then, you wonder? well they’re still lighting our space in another corner. How would you decorate your tree branch?

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