3 Quick Things You Can Do To Spruce Up Any Space

Our houses are spaces that provide us with contentment and happiness and so we set them up with lots of love. We make sure we select each decorative item, furniture piece, rug and wall painting to blend in, contrast and give off the awesome vibe we want it to give.

Home styling inspiration
Home inspiration

However, overtime we also start getting bored with it. Thus is man’s nature, no?! Always getting bored and complaining (topic for another time). Anyhow let’s not digress, so back to point. Looking at the same things repeatedly does gradually decrease our happiness and we crave for some change again. However, we cannot keep changing our home decor every now and then but, we can make little adjustments here and there to freshen it up.

If you’ve been feeling bored with your space lately, here are 3 quick easy things you can do to spruce up the look:

Add/Change Color

Color plays a major role in affecting our moods. You must have read about color psychology and what each color means. Colors subconsciously affect how we feel so it’s important to reevaluate the colors in your space. If you can change wall paint, go ahead and do it. Even changing the paint of one of the walls will give your space a new look. If it lacks color add it in the form of natural or artificial plants or decorations. It will help make the space look different with the least amount of effort.

Home styling inspiration-yellow wall
Red sofa against the yellow wall

Before Eid I had started to feel our lounge looks very boring so i got up one day and decided the wall paint needs to be changed. By the evening we had one of the walls painted yellow and believe you me it changed the whole decorum of the space. Yellow is also a happy color so don’t judge me when I tell you I smile every time I walk past it. Also it contrasted well with our red sofas so just make sure that the colors you select do blend in (or stand out) whatever you prefer. The tree branch decor is a DIY, which you can read about here.

Add Fairy Lights

home styling- fairy lights
fairy lights on a plant

If you don’t already have fairy lights decorating your space in some way, I suggest you try them out. They help give a very festive feel to the space and you can easily put them up and/or take them down. I generally keep changing the fairy light decor and turning them on for even a short time brightens the look. I generally turn off the overhead lights when I switch on the fairy lights.

Move Things Around

Ok this one can be a bit hectic but if you’re bored of your current space, just try moving the setting around and you will instantly feel a difference and a fresh look. Sometimes some things in our space are fixed like the telly, the lamps because of the switchboards but you can always move the seating, the decorations and give your space a fresh feel.

Do you practice any of these tips in your home already?I think they are a fantastic way to elevate the look without digging a hole in the pocket.

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