Book reviews

Real Life Lessons from Fictional Books

From as long as I can remember I have been a reader. An avid reader of anything I could get my hands on. From newspaper articles to children’s fiction and since then it has been an uphill journey of devouring most kinds of fictional books.

Inspiration from fiction books

I remember my first book outside the Children’s category that i read was in grade 6 and it was Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and then later I read all of HP books like a fanatic (which avid reader didn’t? please step aside if you didn’t). Stepping into the world of fiction is like being hooked to drugs, just can’t get enough of it. There has to be a book at all times by my bedside, and in my purse, (you never know when tragedy (read:boredom) strikes and you need them).

Over the years I’ve learnt and realized that fictional books can also teach us so much and address real life problems in a way that we can relate to them. Lately some great fiction has been in print and I’d love to share with you all my discoveries. So here goes:

-If you want to understand OCD , read “Am I normal Yet?

-If you want to gain perspective on domestic abuse, read “It Ends With Us

-If you want to understand the complexities in emotions and relationships due to being unable to conceive, read “All your Perfects

-If you want to understand abuse and loneliness, read “Eleanor Oliphant is Fine

-If you want to take a glimpse at loss, loneliness and love, read “A man called Ove

Tell me, have you read any of these? Are these on your TBR list? If not drop everything and get to reading them. You’ll love them and gain perspective too!

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