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Book Review: Am I Normal Yet?

Sometimes I think it is better to understand a situation through another person’s story or voice and that is precisely why I love reading fiction. The glimpse that it gives into another life, city, moments or situations help us gain perspective.

Am I normal yet by Holly Bourne
“Am I normal yet” by Holly Bourne

Sometimes I really go through the reviews of a book before making my purchase because you really do not want to end up with a badly written novel. Yeah those exist! Even though the story might be interesting, but it just spoils the whole mood. Anyhow, more often than not, as soon as I enter a bookshop I lose all sense and forget about all the good novels still on my TBR list and end up just picking something randomly. One such fine day, led me to purchase this wonderful novel by Hollyy Bourne: Am I Normal Yet?

It is the story of a typically 16, teenage girl named Evie who has made a fresh start at a new college. Her preoccupations lie with her friends, boys and college which lead to adding another layer in the story which is quite interesting and very amazingly put. We often confuse our thoughts with our reality and it is all the more difficult for someone with a mental disorder such as anxiety or OCD.

I haven’t read any other novels by Bourne but her voice seems to be very honest and raw. She has put the narrative in a very understandable, and authentic way without either diminishing its importance or sensationalizing it. It will help people to see a mental disorder in the right light and refrain from punishing or ignoring them. If you’re up for a bumpy novel, and want some insight into OCD, I suggest you pick this one up!

Have you read it? Come lets talk about it.

Have you read something similar? Give me a suggestion I am all ears.

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