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3 Salads I Really Enjoy Making (and hope you will too)

Salads are a quick and healthy meal that you can have on its own, before your food or along with it. In Asian culture, salads are really popular as an appetiser to enhance the flavour of the meal, especially if it is rice with lentils. 

Here i am sharing three quick salads that i love making and some tips to have them ready in a jiffy:

Chickpeas Salad

If you don’t already know, let me start with telling you that chickpeas are very beneficial for health. They contain vitamins, minerals and protein, in which case you can substitute them also for meat in your dishes. Also, it has been found out that chickpeas help manage weight, by curbing appetite and aid in digestion among other benefits. So, including them in your diet is only going to be beneficial for your health. Here’s how you can out a chickpea salad together:

Quick chickpea salad recipe
The chickpea salad is not just healthy to eat but also colourful to look at

Toss a cup of boiled chickpeas in a bowl along with onion, cucumber, cabbage and some tomatoes cut in small pieces. Add a dash of olive oil, salt, black pepper and squeeze half a lemon and you’re done!

Red Beans Salad

Red beans salad recipe
Here I have mixed red beans with white beans and a few chicken pieces along with other veggies to create flavour

Red beans also known as kidney beans offer a variety of health benefits, being a rich source of fibre, protein and other vitamins and minerals. They are also very fulfilling and you can have them on their own as well. To make a salad use a bowl of pressure cooked red beans along with cucumber, onion, tomatoes and cabbage (or any other vegetable of your liking that you would like to add to the bowl) and finish with a dash of olive oil, salt, black pepper and a bit of mustard sauce to add flavour to your salad. 

Chicken and Potato Salad

chicken and potato salad
Boiled potatoes and shredded chicken mixed with other vegetables

This is one of my most favourite salads and I usually sneak in some chicken with the beans or chickpeas as well. It just gives a nice flavor to it which everyone at my home really likes. For this, you will need some boneless chicken around ½ a cup, cut into small pieces or you can also use shredded chicken like I have done here. For boneless, cook it with a bit of ginger garlic paste, salt and black pepper until the chicken is tender. 

Next, add the cooked chicken pieces in the bowl along with finely cut cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, boiled potatoes (cut in cubes) and cabbage. Next, add a dash of olive oil, salt, mustard and black pepper. You can also add a few pieces of feta cheese if you like and you are done !

*For one bowl of salad as shown in the picture I usually take 1-2 cucumbers (depending on the size), 2 tomatoes, 1 potato and 1 onion. 

Tips to make a handy salad:

  • You can even intermix the ingredients according to your preference and liking
  • You can also use white beans together with the red ones or use one at a time
  • Don’t fret about buying anything extra, just add whatever you have at hand.
  • Pressure cook beans and chickpeas in large quantities and store in the freezer divided into small packets. This way, you only need to take out a packet to make your salad and defrost it before adding it in the bowl with other ingredients
  • Similarly, you can also make your chicken in a large batch and keep handy to be tossed into the salad. 
  • If you don’t have lemon at hand, you can add a bit of soy sauce

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