3 Basic Etiquettes when Visiting Someone

When travelling, usually our first preference is staying over at a relative’s place instead of a hotel to make our trip budget friendly. If your travel is specially to meet friends or family in another city, then again I think it is extremely important to follow some basic etiquette.

If you’re staying there for a longer time period, say more than a week, here are my 3 tips to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable for all parties involved:

  1. Offer to Cook/Split the Bill
cook to help guests with the workload.

Okay first things first, we all know how huge food is in our culture and when friends and family get together then dinners and lunches involving everyone are inevitable. Whether its home cooked meals, you’re dining in, or going out, help when and where you can. Maybe offer to host a dinner/lunch, split the bill when eating out, offer to do the dishes at home or simply ask to cook a dish or two. Trust me guys, your host will love you for it and welcome you back for years to come!

2. Pitch in for the Petrol

Usually when you’re staying at someone’s place they offer to drive you around to the places you want to visit. So while your hosts are being generous, why not ease their burden a bit and pitch in for the petrol. Also, if you’re driving their car around, drive it like it’s a brand new Mercedes you just got your hands on, (for obvious reasons of course) or offer a car wash.

3. Be Organized

When you’re living in someone else’s space, make sure you stay as organized as you can with your belongings. This is because of two things: first, you will avoid losing your belongings this way (someone could just put it somewhere else in an effort to clear the place, leaving you asking around or worse losing it, because you didn’t know where it was in the first place). Know where your stuff is. Secondly, it will help your host to at least not worry about organizing your things along with theirs when it’s time to tidy up the house.

What do you think is the right way to live, when you are staying at someone else’s place. I’d love to know your thoughts and practices !